the way i see it

I try not to live in a bubble. I take in as much as I can from multiple fields of design, whether it's web, print, clothing, industrial, etc.

I'm a social media junkie. Facebook is my second home. Staying connected with your community of practice is important for every designer, as well as keeping up with current trends.

Seeing great work from other designers propels me to better myself - to learn, experiment, create, and have fun.

short bio

I am a University of Alberta graduate from the Human Ecology program (class of 2011). I once thought about pursuing fashion design, but decided it wasn't a practical path. However, The Devil Wears Prada is still one of my favorite movies.

I've always loved designing and creating things on computer. I decided to pursue web and graphic design in January 2011. I teach myself through experimentation, tutorials, and being inspired by other designers.

My favorite hobby is designing Dance Dance Revolution steps for a computer simulator called StepMania. I also do it professionally for a Netherlands company called SportGames. Click on the upper right button to visit my tumblr J-SIMS.

Added "microspikers" & "BECK logos" to branding.

Added "Localize!" to branding.

Added "Town Tix" to branding.